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In reading texts as this one I am musing if different people exist in different worlds, as in my world time travel is possible


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I was reading a text in academia, in which someone, who called himself an indepent researcher and seemed to b einterested primarily in physics, stated, that time travel is impossible. I answered in the disskussion in describing two experiences related to his topic. In reading texts as this one I am musing if different people exist in different worlds, as in my world time travel is possible.

When the day is one hour longer

It was in the winter semester 2001/02. The biological-anatomical-cell biological course always endet exactly at 17:00PM. After a few weeks it was clear to me: I must somehow manage to finish drawing the plants under my microscope 5 minutes before - then I will get home a whole hour earlier! - So I hurried as much as I could each time - and it was like jinxed: I never got my sheet done before 17:00hrs.

One day - it was Tuesday again, that class again - and as I walked outside through the university building, I discovered my usual weekly annoyance: it was exactly 17:00PM. Crap, crap, crap! I went to the streetcar, got on the next one that came, got out my book and read the 20 minutes it took the streetcar to get from Oberzwehren to the city center. At the town hall, I looked at the watch outside in the vague hope that the streetcar might have raced like mad and still arrived on time. 16:24PM. Actually, it should be an hour later? Shouldn't it? I could not believe my eyes. Then I thought that the clock at the intersection was surely wrong by an hour. So I drove two stops further to a place named "Stern", got off there - as I do every day - and looked at the clock there. 16:27PM. No, I had to be wrong. I went to the bus stop and looked at the bus schedule. Just in case the clock was right, I wanted to know which bus I could get on. They were still running every half hour at that time, which meant I would be home an hour and a half earlier than I normally would if I left the university at 17:00PM. It was worth a try. I waited for the bus, got on, went home, and checked again at home to see if it was really that early. It was. But I couldn't explain it to myself.

Surprisingly a reader of my webpage tried to explain this experience with my bad sense of time - only I have just really a bad sense of time: In this experience my sense of time considered everything to be completely ordinary. It meant that I had spent the correct amount of time in this bewitched streetcar while reading. In general I never rely on sense of time. It doesn't surprise me in the least if I had the feeling that I was doing something for half an hour and then five hours have passed or vice versa. Or when I suspect it might be Wednesday and in fact it's already Thursday. All completely normal. I've gotten into the habit where it's important to always look at the clock and always set my alarm for important appointments even if they're at noon. I know my sense of time. But when the clocks tell me that I have traveled backwards in time, I am amazed. And no matter how bad my sense of time is - for the fact that time has gone backwards according to the clocks, and that the university before and the bus after this little time travel have kept to these damn clocks - my bad sense of time can offer no explanation for this! Perhaps I have no bad sense of time at all but mix up habitually unconsciously the real time with my magic strength.

In fact I am not the only one who experiences funny things with space and time.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

The disappeared sand dump which reappeared

One day an acquaintance called me and seemed completely thrown off course. It wasn't the kind of confusion one has when one's judgment is clouded, but the kind of shock one has when one has experienced something that one just can't fit into one's worldview.

Together with a friend he had visited a place from his childhood that always offered a great view and the mountain that had offered this view had simply disappeared! Said friend, who had been in a bad mood anyway, was quite upset that the promised wonderful view was not offered after the strenuous climb. In fact, there was also a logical explanation for the disappearance of the mountain, because the mountain was called "sand dump" because it had been the spoil heap of a mine. At the bottom of the mountain stood a factory which, according to his memory, mined the sand and sold it as sand.

I suspected a change between two closely related parallel worlds and my higher self confirmed this assumption.

A few days later my friend called again and explained that he had certainly been mistaken. He would have passed the said place on the highway and everything would have been as usual. He would not have remembered the way to the said place correctly. Nevertheless, his first narration and the parallel world assumption seemed more convincing to me, because he had explained to me in detail how carefully he had checked whether he had possibly remembered the way wrongly. I was of the opinion that he simply wanted to suppress what he had experienced.

A few weeks later he called again. He had visited the place again and checked thoroughly. Everything was as he had remembered it from his childhood, except for the fact that the trees had become larger and similar gradual changes. But what he remembered seeing on his previous visit was really not visible from the place he had visited on both occasions. It would look there now again completely different and as he remembered it from his childhood. Said company, which had mined the sand, would have existed, but one would have decided long ago that it may not further mined the sand for environmental protection reasons.

I was told similar experiences by other people and I read such experiences in many books. Some people, who collect nonordinary experiences like Autor: Johannes Fiebag1., Autor: Luc Bürgin2., or experienced them themselves like Autor: Manfred Jelinski3., Autor: Werner Betz and Autor: Sonja Ampsler theoretized that the borders to parallel worlds are not tight closed but that they leak sometimes and than things happen, that are not from this world.




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