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vaccine proof and vaccine damage


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In the 1990th I found a few books in which vaccine damage was discussed. Most of them were written by laymen, but the one I liked best, was written by Autor: Gerhard Buchwald, a physician with a doctorate. In this he took the official statistics concerning infectious diseases and examined them closely. He disproved clearly that there is any proof that the beginning of vaccinations in one of these diseases stopped one of these diseases or was a reason that they declined. What puzzled me most about this book was that he still believed that vaccinations do some good. He simply wasn't shure if the good or the bad they do is bigger. But there was no proof in the book that they do anything good!

If I think I have the proof for one opinion it is almost a reflex that I search for a proof for the opposite opinion. First I searched for books. The bookstores in Kassel were not of much help. Than I wrote to the drug manufacturers that produce vaccines and asked for a proof. They seemed to make an effort, but I did not get the impression that they had understood my question at all. The sent me whole books about vaccinations, brochures and scientific papers, but they didn't contain the proof they contained only opinions! Some of them simply described what was considered a good vaccination praxis in that time. I was puzzled to read this. I noticed that they didn't mention that this was not what I asked for - so how is it possible that they don't know the difference between a proof and a unsolidified opininion? Than I went to the library of the Städtische Kliniken in Kassel (Municipal hospitals in Kassel) and asked for books that prove the usefulness of vaccinations. They showed me where to look, but the books I read were not of much help as they too didn't prove anything. So where are the proofs? I went back to the library and asked where to search further. They searched for vaccinations and I left the library with a printed out list of papers about vaccinations. Even the German language text were more than 1000 texts, but after reading the titles I wasn't shure what might be the papers I need. Therefore I decidet to print out the abstracts of them all to read them. This didn't work as they would only print ten of them. I asked if I can print more if I pay the prints, they didn't print them out and wanted to give me this on floppy disk. I didn't believe that I was able to read it at home. In 2000 I started to read in the world wide web as we now had a modem to access the web. I still was searching the web for vaccination proofs and still didn't find anything that convinced me.

But I was really puzzled why there are more proofs for the usefulness of vaccination in books critical to vaccinations than in books advocating vaccination. That is absolutely weird!

Than I decidet that I have a big problem. With most people you can at best have two real conversations - one about their most loved hobby and one about ther profession. If I try to find something else to speak about, they get angry at me and don't explain why. In the rare occasions, when someone did explain it, he told me that the conversation was too scientific. He wants to talk about something more simple. Talking about something simple wasn't easy to me as I knew too much about virtually everything and and what feels like small talk to me sounds much too scientific to almost everybody.

Therefore I decidet to go to university and study biology and physics. It didn't solve my problem as only the conversations with the professors were interesting and I was really shocked to notice that the professors knew a lot about their subject but most of them had no more general education than our high school teachers. There are some exemptions to this rule but not many. I often went in the library of the university and couldn't pass a bookshelf without taking some interesting books home. But I didn't manage to finish my studies as I got really awful migraine headaches which lasted for years afterwards.

While studying I learned that biologists in fact have some proofs for some of the basics of the functioning of vacciations which I didn't find before. So - why are these proofs hidden in a way that a lay won't find them even while the professionals think that anti-vax is a problem? Of course there are many anti-vax-activistes that won't understand a proof if you present it, but there are professionals critical for vaccinations to some extend which would explain these proofs to the others, if they were findable!

Covid 19 changed something. When it started I was frustrated by the vaccination topic in a way that I didn't want to hear anything about it but my patients kept telling me things about virtually everything related to Corona Virus that simply couldn't be true. For example: "The cotton swab that is inserted into the nose during the coronatests contains nanobots that are used to switch off the pineal gland of by radio so that one no longer has any subtle perceptions." I didn' believe it, as if I wanted to switch of spiritual experiences of, I would take a virus, replace its genome with something that produces antipsychotics of some kind and add this to a vaccination. As I read the same papers as the specialists, they would try it in this way too. Unfortunately I was not shure how to explain this to the computer specialist who was convinced to know this better than me and that I don't believe him because I didn't know the original text that convinced him. Later I had some idea but I didn't mention vaccinations and virus-vectors as I didn't want to have the nessecity to explain him why I don't believe that they do exact this in vaccinations! That would be really complicated as I would need to explain the sociology of science, which isn't even a topic in science, but it is nessesary to understand why this is not the case.

In following the data about Covid 19 I was pleased to find the proof for the usefulness of vaccinations I was seaching for years. But the other part of the problem still was not tackled. Most vaccine damage I heard of up to now wasn't dokumented as such in statistics and the statistics I read of therefore are not sound. I think it is time to ask the health insurances to ask people who did choose not to vaccinate their children to take part in a study and to find people which are vaccinated but otherwise are living as similar as possible to compare to, to find out what is the base rate of vaccination damage.



Dear Jean, You are right - it looks like religious war and none of the extremes is sensible. In Germany it was not at all as serious as you describe. There were protests, there were unfriedly words, but physicians and health care workers didn't need security, they needet more breaks in their work than they had. The breaks of course were needed by the health care workers in the United States too. You are not my enemy or something like this. I simply wanted to show, there is a serious and longstanding communication problem, that is the reason for this reaction. As I wrote I didn't want to hear anything about covid when it started but as I am spiritual healer I heard all the fairy tales about vaccinations that are told within the spiritual subculture. I endet up in telling for many of them, why they can't be true and explaining the science behind the new vaccinations in everyday language. And as I did the work anyway I wrote a long text about it. I found statistical fiddle faddle on both sides of the discussion. The problem is that many people can't discern a sound statistics from this fiddle faddle and searching for good science in a heated discussion often is like searching for a needle in a haystack.




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