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What happens to the attachment of the soul to the body if a child is born by a ceasarian section


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There are two people who did some work on the question, what happens to the attachment of the soul to the body if a child is born by a ceasarian section.

Helen Wambach describes in her book "Life before Life" what came out when she used regression techniques to scientifically explore the time before birth. To her question, "When did your soul connect with the fetus?" the subjects gave different answers. Half of Wambach's subjects could not remember their birth experience at all, while 90% could recall previous incarnations. Of those who could remember, the largest group 33% said they had connected with the fetus only during the actual birth process. Another 19% said they had been partly inside the body and partly outside during birth. However, there were others who had been in or with the fetus far longer, some even since conception.

Therefore I think that birth is the situation where most souls connect to the body not because it is the only way to connect but out of the nessecity that the body needs the soul to lead the decisions from the moment on when the baby is born. Before birth there is no nessecitiy to do something, therefore there is no need to enter the body.

The second person is Stanislav Grof, who noticed that birth is a major trauma, which connects with all traumatic memories related to death and birth and therefore all these traumatic memories block our memories of spiritual realms. A gentle birth will lead to a weaker birth trauma a difficult birth will lead to a heavy birth trauma. In ceasarian sections it is the same. He studied the consequences of ceasarean sections in his book "Beyond the brain" and concludet that it will lead to a heavier birth trauma if first the birth didn't work and the ceasarian section was carried out to save the child in last minute. But if the mother wished a ceasarian section and therefore no big traumtic events orrured it is often less traumatic than a normal birth and therefore the child will not suppress the spiritual knowledge it had before birth that heavily because there is no birth trauma.

Additionally the blockades are related to former experiences of the soul. I worked on traumatic experiences for many lives I lead before this one, therefore I knew how to work on traumatic experiences from birth on and was able to connect spiritual realms all my live. This is the solution of old souls.

Very young souls have an easy access to spiritual realms too. They don't know how to work on traumata, but they don't need to do this, because they don't have that much trauma memories and therefore their memories are not heavily blocked by traumata.