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States of humans and ants

"Scientists do have a consensus that man - in the end - is a social animal - for better or worse" - What struck me a few years ago while writing about symbiosis was the ants. Bees don't have states in the human sense, as to us 40.000 to 60.000 individuals don't make a state but a small town. Ants have states and they have domesticated animals like blue butterflies and aphids. I think that the ability to organice states makes us and the ants highly social beings with structured social systems with many different types of social relationships and this enables ants and men to keep domesticated animals.

"Many scientists will tell you that the human brain is the most complex organism in the universe."

I don't think that this true, first of all the brain is no organism, it is only part of an organism. But which is more relevant is, that I have a reincarnation memory of being a human pet of a dragon and this huge being was much more intelligent than me.

What puzzles me a lot in this, is that according to many descriptions many extraterristrial are actually humans and in some cases people from earht told, that they had sex with extraterrestrals and got a child. And that in fact puzzles me a lot as in many cases different animal species within the same genus are not able to produce offspring by sex. If there were only one such story I wouldn't believe but these stories are written down througout human history and there are some examples from today too. Additionally we are not simply children of an extraterristrial race, as our genetics is very similar to that of a chimpansee.

But what struck me while writing about Eyes and seeing and the human brain is that we actually have Opsins in the middle of the brain. Opsins are the molecules we use for seeing and I always thougt that it is dark within the brain! But as they are within the brain there is some light they could sense, I believe. "So, here is Everything you never wanted to know about leaf-cutter ants. " Oh it is not that easy, to bore me with scientific knowledge. I once came across the information, that on remote islands birds may lose the ability to fly and endet up in reading hundrets of books and scientific papers back to 16th century books as you can see in the source section of the text I wrote about these birds. It's funny that leaf-cutter ants have weeds too. But I should have guessed, as in tending my garden I am constantly unweeding it.




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