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When I have a feeling about some topic, the source of this feeling or intuition usually fells in one of three broad categories.
  1. Earthly knowledge, that I forgot, is related to the actual topic
  2. Knowledge from beyond is touching me
  3. Some split of personality part, which is not at all up to date, is talking to me through my feelings


To earthly knowledge:

When someone is telling me something about a topic I first have a feeling - maybe that is wrong, maybe that it is right. When I than concentrate in this feeling, I remember a book - which hopefully is still in my shelves - where I read something that explains my feeling.

The feeling may have a more complex base. Maybe I want to write about some topic or find a solution to a complex planning problem. Than I usually read some time about it and make some notes, but I am not really able to work on it. Some time later I suddenly have a feeling or a picture of the solution for the problem. Than I tap in this feeling and follow the logical path from the solution back to the problem I wanted to solve and write it down. In writing it down I often find some minor issues I have to solve, but the solution usually does work.


To knowledge from beyond:

I remembered starting with such a feeling many former lives and much theoretical knowledge of my spiritual self. As we translate this knowledge unconsiously - we can't see the original as our brain is not able to convey it - therefore we can't compare the original consciously with the translation as we would do, if we want to translate from German to English. We tend to make the channeling more earthly than the original was, as we use a brain which is constructed by the evolution to understand the earth and our earthly knowledge to understand the conveyed knowledge. If there is a crazy sounding sentence in the text, usually it is not this sentence that is wrong - in most cases we should tap deeper in this incongruency and will notice, that the whole text means something different, which was only somewhat similar to that, which we first understood.


To split of personality parts

The split of personality part may be from this life or from somerwhere else.

Maybe a child alter is afraid that the mother will come and beat it, when its work is not perfect. Than you have to tell him that we are adult now, as big and strong as the mother and that we have a door we can lock and the mother can't get in the apartment.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

And now I suddenly get anxiety attacks every time a train comes, which I can't explain at all

A person who had already told me in a previous conversation that she intended to retire and buy a cottage told me the following:
"I bought this little former railroad keeper's cottage and at first everything seemed fne. I also checked before I bought it whether the railroad, which occasionally has a slow train, was too noisy for me and came to the conclusion that it didn't bother me. And now I suddenly get anxiety attacks every time a train comes, which I can't explain at all."
Since feelings that cannot be explained from the here and now often go back to newly integrated personality parts I asked a control question and told her to say the first thing that came to her mind.
"If you ask the one who has such a fear - what year is it?"
"Well if that's the last year he remembers, then it's no wonder if he doesn't know the railroad and thinks it's a terrible monster. Just explain to him that a railroad is a man-made device and that it can't jump off the tracks."
Some time later, the person called again, explaining that the fear was now blown away and that it was amazing how easy some problems were to solve.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

The sun is occludet by grey dust and that the world is in the process to die

These feelings may stem from another world. For example once a person phoned me and told me that the sun is occludet by grey dust and that the world is in the process to die. First I asked some questions to her immediate environment and what orher people say and she told me that she had been in the psychiatry because of this, therefore I concludet that is not her environment where she was, what gave her this weird impression. Than I explained, that the world, which was dying, is not this world, but that she got pictures of things that happened somewhere else and that this world is still alive. In this conversation she wasn't really able to believe me. When she phoned me again some month later, the psychotic episode had passed and she wanted to think about it again. As in most cases there are some things that clearly were something like a dream, some experiences that were real, but also some spiritual experiences she couldn't understand without a spiritual worldview. In the course of this convrsation I gave again the same explanation I gave bevore for her end of the world feeling and than we both thought that this is a good explanation, but some month before the doomsday-feeling was overwhelming and therefore she couldn't think clearly enough to understand.

While intuition is of much help, it needs some evaluation to be of good use.




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