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The relationship between experience, the ability to cope and the help a therapist could give is a complicated one


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I think, that the relationship between experience, the ability to cope and the help a therapist could give is a complicated one. First of all I think that your father shurely tried to find help. Otherwise you simply wouldn't know what happened to him. He couldn't talk about it at all. But I know what happens to people who talk about much too horrible experiences. When they mention it to people they trust, the people reatreat and don't want to talk to him any longer. If they go to therapist the therapist in most cases tries for a short while to help, than is overwhelmed by the horrible stories and starts to be abusive in some way. there is a minority of therapists who manage to say "Sorry I am overwhemlmed by it, I am not able to help you" but most therapists of whatever kind will react in an inapprobiate way. The therapiest may do smomething of the following
  1. he suddenly emphasizes all the time that he is the therapist and the patient is sick.
  2. he demands that the patient must now trust and believe him.
  3. he violates the patient's privacy and interferes with decisions that the patient should make himself
  4. the therapist is offended when proposed solutions to the patient's problems are rejected
  5. the therapist insinuates that the patient does not want to get well
  6. the therapist constantly emphasizes that he means well after all
  7. the therapist shows inappropriate emotional reactions
You have to try many times until you find somene who is able to stay centered and at least is able to listen to you, without getting angry on you. And after listening to many horrible stories how therapist reacted on experiences of their clients, the weren't able to cope with, I understand well why many people at some point give up to try to find help. There are not many really good trauma therapists in the world and this was shurely worse in the end of world war II.

Second your father may not be pleased whith his own ability to help his patients. If you read about experiencces in war, you may find stories about physicists that are horrible. Once I read about a german soldier who marched for days in the siberian winter to reach his own troup. He went to the doctor who should examine his leg. "First it was a terrible pain, but the last two days it didn not ache any longer." The doctor removed the boot and could see the bones, as the leg was frozen to death. He said: "They are all pretenders." When I read this as an adolecent, I didn't know what to think of it, as every idiot is able to see that the soldier was no pretender. Today I think I know what it means. Physicians operating seriously ill people make jokes before operating. These jokes usually are not really funny as they are some kind of black humor, but they are nessesary to reduce the tension to a level which allows to concentrate on the work to be done. Therefore I think this sentence started as a joke. But in war he encountered many horryibe scenes, all these shattered lives and supressed his feelings to be able to do his work and in the end he isn't able to laugh any longer about his own jokes and therefore no one would guess that this was intendet as a joke.

Back to your father I guess he came back and hoped at home everything would be good again and than he saw that he is not able to be a good father any longer. That might have shattered all the self esteem that the war left.

I was looking after your father, as I feared that he still might not have solved his problems and saw him standing somewhere, surroundet by child personality parts of others who clinged to him and als cried "Help me! Help me!" I called enough helpers to heal them all. Fortunately I know enough spiritual beings that a problem has to be very very big, to be too big for them all. And if they can't solve it immediately they don't give up, but heal the injured healers in the goup of beings seeking help first. Therefore the number of healers grows exponentially until there are enough to solve the problem.

After freeing him from all the lost souls seeking his help he looked to a black tunnel, leading down to realms filled with much more lost souls seeking his help. I called for more helpers.

I would guess that he drunk because he wanted to silence the voices of the lost souls calling for help.

What is remarcable is, that there are horrible things in the world and most people would not be unable to cope with them. And than you find one person who had virtually the same experiences and is able to solve the issues related to it and afterwards seems to be a personality who is not only healthy but who has also more different personality traits and more abilities than before.

You wrote: "The only criterion of value in regard to the psychic experiences I seem to regularly have is whether they change my life for the better" I think than it is a tricky question what is a valuable spiritual experience.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

Some years ago I got a phone call from Norwway and a young woman told me that her mother is affected by black magic and needs help. As it is not good for anyone to be patronized I told her, that her mother should speak for herself. She didn't talk much, only a few sentences. Later she phoned again and we worked therapeutically on all her life over the course of two years and on traumatic experiences of some former lifetimes. Additionally I worked on her spiritual bodies and healed the wounds I found there. And I asked her if her abusive mother and her former cruel husbands had stolen subpersonalities of hers and brought back the missing subpersonalities.

I turned out that many experiences she attributed to black magic in fact were flashbacks partly from former lifes, parly from this life. She noticed that she had forgotten many of her experiences and abilities and now they are back. She lost fears she has had all her life. While she in the beginning had problems to cook her meals and clean her room, after some month she was able to fullfill the duties of a part time job. Now she works full time and teaches the others how to do a job, that was new to her few month ago. And her life got better than it ever was before, she never would go back to the life she had before.

Was the "black magic" a valuable spiritual experience? Among other things, this sent her to the emergency room for circulatory failure and in the psychiatry. Was it black magic? In fact I did work on it in the spiritual world and that did help her. Why dit this 'black magic' affect electrical devices, why did aluminium foil help against it, why did it cease step by step in the course of a trauma therapy?

That is something worth to teach everybody!

And this is really fascinating about my work. Usually people already tried out many therapists and spiritual healers, when they first phone me. So they already have something new to share with me. Than we work together on the problems which are still not solved and find personality parts lost in former lifes and reintegrate them into the today personality.

Real spiritual work is always fascinating always new as I never would have guessed where the path I walk would lead me!

Making sense of the world is part of it, but it is not everything.

In fact you need a worldview to orient in the world. It is like a map, that is not the landscape and usually is not absolutely correct but still will help to find your way. But if you cross the border of the map you need a new one.

The first worldview children learn is not one they made up by themselves. They learn it by heart and believe to learn how the world is. When something happens, that shows that the worldview is wrong, they have the feeling that the world is broken but in fact they only crossed the border of their map of the world. Than the ones who are able to learn to build their own worldview start to do this. In the course of doing so, they learn about the world, but they also learn what worldviews are and that they are not the world itself but only scaled down models lacking many details of the real world. They have mathematical formula to make up a model of the world, which are correct for everyday purposes but won't help any longer when you want to fly to the moon. Of course Scientists know the formula for the moon too, but the one we use on earth to calculate how a stone will fall, would in fact only be correct if the earth would be flat! Nevertheless it is the best formula for this purpose simply becaues it is much easyer to use than the formula for the moon. Worlviews are neither absolutely correct nor completely comprehensive.

But that is not all I do.

If someone in the life of my patient was abusive I often ask: "Did he steal personality parts of yours? Give me a missing list." - Some people are puzzled to hear this and I than explain, that they don't need to talk to me, as some personality part of theirs already gave me the list in the spiritual realms. I only ask aloud as more personality parts will hear the question. Than I search for the missing personality parts which often really are in some dungeon of the abusive person and bring them back. Some days later the person may tell me:
"I completely forgot, that I loved baking an cooking! Now I remember."

If I bring back personality parts which were split of within former lives, ideas may come up, which don't make much sense within this life.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

"Isn't that just for the rich?"

Once while I took my selfmade bread out of the oven a voice in my mind asked:
"Are we allowed to eat this?"
"Yes this is my bred."
"Are we really allowed to eat this?"
"Yes this is my bred, I baked it myself."
"Isn't that just for the rich?"
I asked the voice why she thinks this. She was a newly integrated personality part of mine who found me after being an earth bound soul for some hundret years. She was integrated unconsciously. She used to eat porridge instead of bread and only rich people used to eat bread in her time.




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