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I am dreaming for years to have a spiritual University


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I am only a spiritual healer with no Ph.D.s, Masters and Bachelors at all. I just love reading scientific papers. When I tried to study at a University this endet with years of migraine headaches. Rooms with hundrets of people an no good for me! I am dreaming for years to have a spiritual University. Of course people like Ian Stevenson or Kenneth Ring have done a good job in proving that it exists, but that is not what I want, because I open my eyes and see that it exists. I don't need anyone to prove it to me. I don't need a guru either, as I can ask in the spiritual world if I need some spiritual counsel. What I need are people with similar experiences to talk to. Additionally I need it in scientific. I read scientific papers for fun in many different topics like biology, social sciences (all of them), physics and so on. People who don't like science usually don't like to talk to me as what I say is too difficult to understand to them. Of couse I am able to exchage some friendly words with the driver of the bus or the grocery store saleswoman but I do this esentially in saying nothing relvant and listening to them. On my german language webpage I try to stitch bits and pieces of information together to create the outline of a worldview that combines modern science with spiritual knowledge into a cohesive whole. Up to now it contains about 4000 texts, some of them reincarnation memories of mine, some of them spiritual experiences, some of them have the form of scientific papers. I am often astonished how much spiritual knowledge is already accumulated in modern science but almost nobody knows.




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