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After reading more than hundret books about extraterristrals and comparing it to the Science Fiction I read, I came to the conclusion that channelings, my own former lives on other planets, books about people who say that they talked to extraterrestrials in this life give a coherent picture of extraterrestrial politics, which is a bit patchy due to lack of information, but nevertheless people who don't know each other say the same things about the same stars and if I ask the beings in the spiritual world I notice that they exist. While Science Fiction authors take ideas from each other and more or less unconsciously from the spiritual world and from extraterestrials - called soft disclosure in the UFO litrerature - the picture they draw about extraterrestrial politics is not coheherent. But compared to what government discloses about UFOs - one day they say that they exist and disclose UFO-files, the other day that only crazy people believe in UFOs - even science fiction paints a more coherent picture than our governments!




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