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Trauma and spiritual abilities


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I have reaincarnation memories from Germany in the the Third Reich, in which they wanted to create superhumans. They did this in giving drugs, combined with torture and some kind of magical genetic engineering I - in this life - didn't really understand up to now. They used torture too to split of part of the personality and than tried to control the superhumans, by by playing the different alter egos off against each other.

If these memories are true, reality in the Third Reich was far worse than what we read in our history books. Killing people destroys the body, if you hurt the soul the problems will prevail in next lifes.

Of course if you do this to humans they will understand what happens and try to defend themselves. In that life I was what they considered to be one of their great successes, as I had considerable magical abilities. I was furiuous about this, as I remembered my former life and I knew that this abilities are abilities I had in former lifes too. But whenever I showed that I had these abilities they were hunting and torturing me as if I were the devil. In fact I am a incarnation of the devil, but Jesus didn't mind and told me the parable of the prodigal son, to explain why God wants me back. Alternatively they were calling me holy and telling others that holy people don't need food, shelter or sleep and have to heal people day and night. For these two reasons I did my best to hide my abilities, exept in times of danger, where hiding abilities doesn't help to survive and than this!

We were doing some kind of trauma therapy as fast as we could, to make shure that they can't use us for their plans.

I still don't understand all of this, but whatever we did to solve this problem, did change something, as in this life I can openly write about there experiences and nothing evil happens to me.

To me the idea that trauma might be the reason for spiritual gifts simply felt wrong and I puzzled what was wrong with the idea. Now I think I have the solution.

Traumatized people often supress the unpleasant feelings related to the trauma and this results in loosing all or most of their feelings. Only when some experience reminds of the original trauma the feelings come back. - the pleasant and the unpleasant ones. This may lead to addictive search for dangerous situations as the traumatized person feels alive only in danger.

It is the same with spiritual gifts. They are supressed due to traumtic events - especially the birth trauma and the related experience of splitting of as a soul fragment from a bigger soul which is like being born as a soul. This splittting of soul fragments usually is due to traumatic experiences and therefore traumatic experiences trigger the original trauma of soul birth and the spiritual guifts come back with the feelings of the original trauma.

What we call spiritual gifts are the typical way of communication between lives and therefore are not created by traumas.

And in both cases - lost feelings and lost spiritual gifts therapeutic work helps to restore the original abilities.

Seeking dangers in both cases will make it worse on the long run due to new traumas




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