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Evil spirits are traumatized souls

I never tried out Facebook, as my first experiences with the world wide web were 2000, when most users were still students or scientists. First I had much fun there, but then two things happened - I started to study in Kassel Univrsity in 2001 and gradually many people who are no students entered the web. In this time I learned while reading the relevant literature from the library of the university and in the web, that there is a science about spirituality1. and that they had proven that reincarnation exists2., that there are out of body experiences with verificable details3., that telepathy does in fact work4. and so on. Therefore scientists who believe that this isn't true simply don't know the relevant scientific works. Now I almost exclusively read scientific papers and books. On the other hand my experiences in the web worsened. I attributed theses bad experiences to my intelligence and the lack of it in most people. When I visited spiritual discussion forums on the internet they told me that I am crazy, when I talked to the professors of the university or when I participate in discussions in , I simply refer to scientic principles and they stop to be abusive while I talk about spiritual experiences. In fact science is about questioning and improving your worldview not about blindly believing it and scientists at least heard this before.

Spirits are the same souls that incarnate in the human body. We know there are a few holy people and a few criminals, but most people are in-between-cases. As they are the same beings the same is true for spirits. I think the western thinking that angels are good and demons are bad is the same thinking people sometimes have in wars. "The enemy is bad and we are the good ones". Of course in most wars it is not true. In fact within my therapeutigc work which is some kind of spiritual trauma therapy we remembered that there was a war between angels and demons and the angels were the winners. As the winner writes the history, their view prevails.

Additionally if one wants to solve social problems it is nessesary to accept the human being as it is and to use the word good or bad only for behavior, not for human beings. Same is true for spirits.

From the kind of trauma therapy, which is not related to spirituality, we know that traumatized people suppress their negative emotions like hate, fear and anger and in doing so lose the positive feelings too. Traumatized people often tell that they have lost their feelings and that they only can get in touch with their feelings in situations that remind them of the traumatic experiences. Traumatized people therefore may tend to addictive search for dangerous situations reminding them to the experiences that traumtized them.

If demon is used for evil spirits, it is said that they have no feelings an dod things, that may traumatize other souls and that is in fact how traumatized people act, therefore demons are traumatized spirits. In my work I apply trauma therapy and healing to seemingly evil spirits and they gradually become more friendly. Their feelings change the same way, as they do in trauma therapy in humans. First the bad feelings like pain, fear and rage surface, than the good feelings like wonder, happyness and love start to be felt again. To me evil spirits are traumatized souls.




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