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Suppression of the perception of different planes


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N17.1 Kersti: The problem didn't start with the revolt against crushig religious dogmas
N17.2 Kersti: Editing of spiritual messages
N17.2 Kersti: The softened Tobias Channelings
N17.3 Kersti: Supressing memories while planning lives in the spiritual worlds leads to much too difficult lives
N17.3 Kersti: I was convinced he cheated me with this life plan
N17.4 Kersti: Supressing scientific facts about spiritual experiences
N17.4 Kersti: The unknown evidence of spiritual facts
N17. Kersti: Quellen


1. The problem didn't start with the revolt against crushig religious dogmas

The problem didn't start with the revolt against crushig religious dogmas. Before there were the gnostics, who based their spiritual life on spiritual experiences and the church did its best to wipe them out.

But the Gnostics themselves displayed this problem as well in thinking that the Demiurg is a bad god who made the material world and therefore the material world is evil. People should be aware of the higher realms where the good God dwells.

I could only guess when this started originally!


2. Editing of spiritual messages

I know that the God Seed, I usually call inner light exists and that taking it as orientation is crucial for a good life in any meaningfull way and that many humans rececive helpfull spiritual messages.

But whenever I tried with my friends to convey the same message from a spiritual realm of any kind through two different clearvoyant humans, it was similar enough to notice, that it is in fact the same message, but different enough, to notice that it is edited heavyly while we try to translate it to earthly words. The higher the realm the heavier is the editing.

So: No I don't believe at all that there is a message from God which is completely unedited. I think that concentrating on the inner light reduces the editing, as it helps us to open our mind. But still we are editing whatever is given us through our inner light.

The beings I contact most in the spiritual worlds usually know my personality very well and use funny tricks to make me understand things. On the other hand spiritual beings do not always succeed in this. Here is one example I encountered for this.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

The softened Tobias Channelings

I was exchanging emails with some people about spiritual experiences. We dissolved hells, healed the demons there in such a way that they got access to better feelings like love and happyness and taught them how to solve problems in a better way. We ended spiritual wars and removed the consequences of past wars. And we got in quite a bit of detail how terrible some of it had been.

In these mails one of the members posted the the latest Tobias channelings and it was hilarious. The channelings, in fact, told of our spiritual work, where we felt we were the ones organizing it all. Each of these new channelings described what we had done right before. That alone was crazy, because what we were doing seemed so big, at least to me, that I kept asking myself if I was imagining it all. In the meantime I know that on the one hand it is true, but on the other hand it is misleading, because in these actions I feel a much bigger ego than me, namely the main ego of a group soul. Moreover, I am not the only person who can thus plug into this bigger ego and experience the same actions from the Ego-perspective. Such actions are usually anchored by hundreds of people on several parallel worlds.

But even funnier was how the channeling differed from our work. Namely, it was really softened. When you read the Tobias channelings, there was nothing about the endless hopelessness of the hells. There was only that the wicked had turned to the good. There were no ashen deserts that had to be reassembled into functioning beings, no habitual tortures that had finally been stopped, nothing like that. Everything was just light and love and he was beating around the bush! We shook our heads.

It was one of our easiest exercises to address a being like Tobias, on the one hand because he was obviously one of the press spokesmen of our team in the spiritual worlds, on the other hand because the source information in the ethereal appendix also contained contact data, so that I knew exactly whom to address. So I asked Tobias if he had really meant to say that. Tobias was annoyed and talked all his frustration out of his soul during my conversation with him. No, of course he hadn't wanted to beat around the bush as much as it had become in the end, but Geoffrey Hoppe suppresses everything.

That Autor: Geoffrey Hoppe has suppressed some of what Tobias wanted to say, by the way, was also written in the channelings themselves. Hoppe wrote down several times that Tobias said he could not get through with certain information.


3. Supressing memories while planning lives in the spiritual worlds leads to much too difficult lives

In reading on pastlife therapy and near death experiences I often came across scenes in which the patient described that he was shocked how cruel and difficult life was, after incarnating in the new body. Therefore I suspect, that they suppress memories of their former lifes, which were too difficult to cope with.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

I was convinced he cheated me with this life plan

I myself had a discussion whith a person who shared some lifes with me on the planning of one of these lifes before birth. As far as I knew he planned the life and then there were experiences in the real life that didn't exist in the plan. I was convinced he cheated me. He said that I was wrong. The experiences were in the original plan and he said I had consented to them. In the spiritual world I took the original plan out and said - look here they are lacking. He pointed to a section of the original plan where exactly nothing was visible and said, there it is! From experience we both knew such phenomena are related to the problem of suppressed memories and used a method I call knocking out supressions until we both saw all details of the plan the other one sees. Afterwards I knew that the experience was in fact part of the original plan but that we didn't do a good job in planning, as we both have not checked if the other one sees everything we have planned.

I think souls often plan much too difficult lives as they supress memories of their former problems and therefore the next life is too difficult as well and they are again not able to cope with it. The "wise" helpers, which try to councel them in the spiritual worlds, suppress earthly memories as well and therefore plan much too difficult lifes as well.


4. Supressing scientific facts about spiritual experiences

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

The unknown evidence of spiritual facts

When I was a child all people told me, that science did research about such things for so long and they didn't find a proof for telepathy, God, past lives, ghosts, heaven and hell and so on. I thought, that this is a bit funny, as we as children did telepathy experiments and I didn't find a good explanation other than telepathy. So what did the scientists do? Later I started to read the scientific works about all these topics ... and thought that it is really crazy: No matter how far I go back in science there were always up to date scientific works about all these topics which proved that they are true! So how is it possible that no one seems to know exept a small community of scientists that do science in these areas?
I think that people who act this way are collectively suppressing memories of traumatic experiences from other lifetimes and from spiritual worlds.

Autor: Stanislav Grof did therapeutic work with LSD and after evaluating several thousand LSD experiences, he wrote several books on and the structure of the psyche. He usually starts with therapeutical work on all psychological themes accessible without LSD. After this there is a LSD session. Than he works therapeutical on the material made consious by the LSD experience. After doing so the next LSD sesson may be started.

Usually the first LSD experiences are rather superficial, simple hallucinations of patterns and colors. The second stage is about traumatic experiences of this life. The third stage is about many traumatic experiences attached tho the birth trauma, the perinatal experiences. The perinatal experiences are about birth, death, torture and so on. After the patient worked through this traumatic material he is able to experience spiritual experiences.




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