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When I was a child I thought that everybody is able to see and feel what I see and feel too


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when I was a child I thought that everybody is able to see and feel what I see and feel too and the reactions of others therefore often were puzzling to me. When I was four years old, I was walking with my mother across the parking lot in front of the house where we lived. An older boy threw stones at me. I observed the auric fields. Like a dirty gray mist, I saw his evil intent flowing toward me. Just ahead of me, it bumped into the luminous shell surrounding me and could go no further. It turned away and flowed back to him, turning his auric field an ugly dirty gray. It looked really disgusting. I wondered why he was doing this to himself. I asked my mother, stunned: "Why does he do that?" She replied, "Because it's fun." I looked at her and wondered why she said such a funny thing. How could it be fun to spoil yourself with disgusting gray mist...there was no point at all. I often thought at that age why they were so strange. I couldn't think of any explanation except "...or are they blind?" I couldn't quite believe it.




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