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Spiritual worlds


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In my opinion "Vertical hierarchy and the invariance principle in four models of consciousness" mixes up two completely different phenomena. One phenomen is depicted here (Heavens and hells) This is a depiction of our Desire World, World of Feelings or Astral World. It is a bit like the worlds in fantasy stories where fairies, elves, shape-shifters, unicorns, dragons, angels and demons exist. The depiction is two dimensional due to the fact that the computer monitor gives two dimensional pictures, but the Astral World is in fact 6-dimensional. It has the three spatial dimensions our physical world has and three extra dimensions I call time-space dimensions. One roughly corresponds to our historical time, the two other dimensions lead to contemporary parallel worlds. Shown is the dimension, which corresponds to time - while our Astral World moves through the space between the different Astral Worlds it moves downwards in this depiction and if there is a different Astral World, which doesn't move in time any longer as all beings within are unable to act, this world will be addet to our world below. If there is something still alive in this world it will be the next layer or hell below. Therefore the layers below are heavier than the upper layers of our Astral World. Some of the upper layers look like heavens some of the lower layers look like hells but they are all part of our Astral World. If we die we are first on the astral world level of our physical world, which is embedded within our Astral World where you can read "Erde" which means "Earth" in German. The other phenomen is depicted here (World of God, dimensionality unrestricted World of Virgin Spirits, 18 dimensions World of Divine Spirit, 15 dimensions World of Life Spirit, or Causal World, 12 dimensions World of Thought, Mental World, 9 dimensions Desire World, World of Feelings or Astral World, 6 dimensions Physical World, Material World, 3 dimensions) Note: Max Heindl mixed up both phenomena too, as did Rudolf Steiner. But Blavatskys Ascendet Masters, which where in fact Indian nobles (read: K. Paul Johnson: The Masters revealed) knew this better, therefore this depiction is correct. The material world is our material earth as we know it. There are material parallel worls, too. Verbal language is the language of the material world. The astral world is the fantasy world above with its heavens and hells. Shamans usually travel in the Astral World. Beings confined to the astral world tend to think in pictures. Intuition and feelings are related to the Astral World. The mental world is the plane one finds in centering on your heart where the love comes from. It is the inner light, some people see. You are able to enter there and then are in a more subtle layer of reality. While the astral world seems to be a world which has no gaps, this is different for the mental world. There you may travel along a thread of light through empty space for vast distances and than find a tree, than you may travel further though empty space and find a town after traveling further through empty space you may find a University. The thinking related to this plane is networked thinking. The plane is related to volition or willpower. The Causal World is a world where willpower is no longer used. Thinking on this level often is describet as thinking in numbers but this is not a very good description as the numbers are more complex, rather like calculating in matrices. World of Divine Spirit is the layer where universes are created. In the World of Virgin Spirits is the layer in which the dimensionality of the multiverse is defined. The Virgin Spirits are in fact the same as these original dimensions. The World of God in fact is the layer where this original division created by defining the dimensionality doesn't exist an where the our universe is a unity. I have also explored higher levels, but have no system after which I could categorize the experiences there.



I think that it is not possible to bypass the steps, which are usually called worlds but in fact are the steps in which reality is created out of pure consciousness World of God Pure consciousness World of Virgin Spirits Dimensions are defined. The space of consciosnesss is opened for creation World of Divine Spirit Universes are created World of Life Spirit, or Causal World Decisions are invented. Different possibilities are tried out. World of Thought, Mental World The decision tree is interconnected with intentions. Willpower is used to influence the decisions of others via intentions that are directed to these decisions. A Web of knowledge is the result. Desire World, World of Feelings or Astral World Memories are suppressed. The web of nowledges is hidden below suppressions. Ideas are blurred to intuition Physical World, Material World Beings as small as the quanta of physics forgot everything around them. They cling to each other which we call gravity and build atoms due to this clinging together. I understood the books I read from Sri Aurobindo and about his work not in a way that he did anything different than starting with the material world experience, meditating and after the matrial world distractions fade away and the mind is calm, first intuition is more pronounced. That is Astral World. Meditating further dissolves step by step the suppressions and the web of knowledge which was hidden by it becomes visible. He calls this supramental cosciousness, I call it thought crystal. It is a bit misleading to call it worlds, but the succession is the same. I should add that I first read the esoteric books and didn't understand what they are all about. Than I had many different spiritual experiences and tried to sort them out. Through this I came to a model with seven different layers of existence and after counting them and noticing that it is the same number than in the traditional texts I compared the trational model with my own and noticed that it is the same which is only named differently.




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