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What we experience in our body, is not how the spiritual worlds are for themselves, but a translation made up by our nervous system


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Jean MacPhail wrote "Yes, I agree that this system of creating “worlds” out of pure consciousness occurs in a very definite way and we have to experience each level in the “system” in the same systematic sequence. My own pet theory is that this pattern is the outcome of the ascending structure and function of the central nervous system, on which we superimpose our own myths and explanations"

My answer
What we experience in our body, is not how the spiritual worlds are for themselves, but a translation made up by our nervous system and therefore our experiences are in many ways different from the original spiritual reality as experienced without a material body.

First there are many informations the body can't translate at all.

For example, the beings I experienced as me in the astral worlds used many tricks to show me that the astral world has six spatial dimensions. The astral world belonging to our earth is a six dimensional sphere and contains many parallel world of our material earth. If you stand at the outside of this sixdimensional sphere, there are many other astral worlds visible like stars in the astral space. Nevertheless most experiences in the astral worlds are described and experienced as if these worlds were three dimensional like the material earth as the material nervous system is at best able to show three dimension. If someone has a good concept of what a multidimensional reality might be he may use this concept to understand that the reality has more dimensions than the body is able to translate. But most channelings and other texts in which spiritual people speak about the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension sound as if the person writing this didn't understand at all what he or she is talking about.

The informations the nervous systems translates are translated in a way that make them seemingly more earthly and more like the things we experiemce in the material world. There are some people which have a nervous system that translates them as actual material things. In most cases they are translated in the way we experience our thoughts or imanginations, nervous system functions which exist for handling ideas about the material world. Therefore these imaginations resemble the material world more than they resemble the nonphysical original receptions.



Jean MacPhail wrote: "This has puzzled me, as all of the “evolutionary” spiritual systems begin with the material world, along with, of course, the intention to move on to more interior levels and more and more expanded consciousness."

If you talk about expanded consciousness, which means that you stay alive and become aware of higher realms the word ascending is noch really a good choice, as in ascending a ladder the feet leave the ground. - Translated to the real world you would leave earth and die. Expanding consciousness is rather like standing up. When you lie at the ground your head is below the first step. When you stand up feet touch the ground and your head is is as high as the seventh or eighth step of the ladder.

To me the world is condensed consciousness and therefore part of the spiritual worlds. Nevertheless not every being in all these realms has a material body. Explanations for conscious experiences should explain the experiences people describe after death and before the next incarnation too. I don't understand how this might work if the earthly nervous system is used as explanatory framework. Maybe explaining the nervous system as something that mirrors the higher bodies does work better.

But in fact it is not that easy, as communication flows in both directions. For example fear of death is not the fear of the soul. It is the fear of the body, which fears to loose the soul and will feel dead without the help of the soul. If you look at near death experiences this fear is gone as soon as the experiencer looses touch to the body.

A material body is of much help if you want to work therapeutically on traumatic experiences. Beeings who dont have a material body would get lost in such a traumatic memory, as the remembrance may be much more solid than the astral world. If the patient has a body the body with its physical senses steadies the soul so that he in most cases stays orientated in this world. But even this is not always true as we know from psychosis, that people can loose touch to reality even in the material world. Like



This can't be true, as the nervous system belongs to the material body and consists of physical matter. Physical matter is the most material step of creation, which isn't part of our perception mechanism any longer, when we die and our astral body is the lowest body which we may retain. Many souls don't retain the astral body and ascend with death to the mental or causal world. The nervous sytem is only related to the way we experience the higher realms while we are within the body. It is in fact true that we can only experience within the body what the body is able to translate and this is a restriction. For example in the earthly body we see approximately one oktave of light 400 to 800 nanometers wavelength. Real light has much more oktaves from gamma rays to radio waves of extremely low frequencies. What we translate as light in near death experiences is not light as we know ist from our material world but much more subtle. And we may be able to see more than one octave of this astral light. Therefore in in near death experiences the higher octaves are often translated as pastel colors and the lower octaves as dull colors. But this is not what there colors originally are in the astral world. Like




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