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How the devil understands history - short version


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For long times Satan and C'her were fighting against each other in the Galaxy Milky Way since time immemorial. And than there was a was a time when they came to the conclusion that they don't want to fight any longer as war is absolutely boring. They knew that they wanted to do something different but had absolutely no idea what this "something different" may be.

God (in this case the god of this multiverse) heard this whish an thought of a solution. In the Andromeda Galaxy there were beings that wanted more adventures and challenges and this may be a good answer for both whishes. Therefore he sent the angels from the Andromeda Galaxy to help the dragons from the Milky Way.

Archangel Michael was one of the leaders of the angels exploring the Milky Way in search for new worlds and adventures. He knew thad God had sent him in this new realm to help the Milky Way which is inhabited by beings that want to reconnect with God. But first he didn't find this beings, only an empty collection of stars with no inhabitants he was able to see. But somethin was creepy about this Galaxy. Soul fragments of angels vanishes and left no trace.

C'her and Satan lived in the astral world and the material world, the angels lived in the mental world and above. Therefore C'her could only see the angels which were very depressed.

C'her was searching for something different what is not war. When he came across the angels which came from outside the realms he knew, he thought they were interesting. He caught angels, put them in enclosings and watched them closely to make a scientific study about them. Some of them started boring wars in the enclosings and he forgot them due to boredown. But others did something interesting he didn't understand and he watched them more and more closely.

C'her didn't want that the angels fly away and therefore cut of the wings they had. He had in the past supressed all of his feelings in the wars against Satan and therefore didn't understand that he severely traumtized the angels he caught and he didn't understand that they fought "boring wars" as they redramtized the trauma C'her inflicted on them. And he didn't understand that clipping the wings of the angels was exactly what prevented him from understanding what is different in angels, as the "wings" were not wings as we understand them on earth but in fact their connection to God, the very different thing he was unconsciously searching for.

Archangel Michael finally found out that evil beings were hunting down the angels, thought of revenge and started a war with C'her and Satan.

Today there are split of parts of Archangel Michael who were caught by C'her in early times of this war. They understood that C'her was in fact searching for love and God but he didn't know what he was serching for. These split of parts of Archangel Michael are called the Devil. C'her was in the meantime reconnected with the help of Luzifer and Jesus to the God of our Multiverse and tries to reconnect this God to the higher God he belongs to, as C'her fond out that there are other multiverses with other Gods and all belong to a higher God.

But there are many subpersonalities of Archangel Michael who still think of revenge and fight wars.

my own soul history. I remember an eternity of hoplessness where I completely lost my way and couldn't even guess in which direction I might find something that might make the existence worth experiencing. It was called eternal dammnation, but in fact nothing lasts forever and it is impossible to destroy a soul, otherwise I would no longer exist. I don't want that any soul experiences that much desperation as I experienced and therefore I always would try to lead a soul, that lost track, back to the light. If I can help I will help.

I am not shure if everything ends well in the end. There are things that went wrong in former universes. Some of these universes fell to pieces due to this, some left parts of their souls behind, while ascending. Some of the beings who got lost in the course of these events affect our universe. Some of them learn here what they should have learned in their own universe. I hope that everything ends good in the end but I know that there are many problems left unsolved for times we could not imagine.




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