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This finding others is sometimes really special


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This finding others is sometimes really special. After a three weeks visit to the Option Institute ( ) I decided that I do not want to live in a mental cage and therefore more and more offensively said what I really believed which later was the reason to start my webpage with all the things I always wanted to tell everybody. Before I didn't find people to talk about spirituality, afterwards they seemt to come from everrywhere.

I didn't really understand how this was possible as in many cases I didn't do anything to find these interesting people. For examle it was not me who started the spiritual circle but a friend of mine. In another case the owner of a bookstore told someone that I would be intereted in something which I didn't tell her. When I thanked her for the interesting contact, she explained that she felt that the souls wanted to come together and therefore she acted accordingly.

Beispielgeschichte, Kersti:

On a three weeks hike I stay overnigh in a forest hut. I was already asleep when I suddenly heard a timid voice saying.
"Hello?" said.
I asked, "Who is this?"
"I don't want to hurt you. There are wild boars."
I was amused. First of all, I wouldn't have been afraid of him or running away from wild boars and then fleeing to a forest cabin, as it is like a trap with its open front. I am of the opinion that towards wild boars rather the tactic "appear confident and be polite" helps.

Confident at its core means - don't run away! Polite at its core: don't get too close to the wild boar. If you have to pass close to a place where there are wild boars at the moment, make sure they notice you in time and then walk briskly past them. They will swerve enough to not feel threatened.

But I figured that this person probably needed someone to talk to first, so I invited him to sit with me. As we talked, it gradually came out that he had been praying to be treated by a spiritual healer because he felt he was being haunted by dark forces. That night he had felt that he should go to the forest and then the wild boars had driven him to the forest hut.
"It's crazy!" I thought to myself, "Now the patients are already being driven to me by wild boars!" and I said aloud, "What a coincidence - I am a spiritual healer!"
After that I had a longer conversation with him - with the subtle counterparts of the wild boars and let him talk to the "dark forces" by which he felt persecuted.

The wild boars told me that they were his guardian animals in the spiritual world and therefore had brought him to me.

The conversation with the "dark powers" lasted much longer, until one of the dark powers introduced himself as Lucifer, explained to him that he belonged to him and wanted to be integrated. After a longer hesitation he actually integrates this Lucifer part and then has the feeling that everything becomes brighter and the problem is solved for him.




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